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We’re your team of experienced and knowledgeable tax experts—here to provide you with solutions to your tax problems.

Tamar L. Johnson, CPA

Principal and Lead Tax Accountant

Tamar is a Certified Public Accountant, holds a BA in Accounting from the University of Oregon, and is a member of the AICPA. She has expertise in the areas of accounting, individual, and business tax law.

Prior to owning Total Tax, Inc, Tamar held tax and auditing positions at Lithia Motors in Medford, Oregon, and tax firms in Eugene and Bend, Oregon. In 2011, Tamar co-founded a second firm focused on tax relief services and operated both firms until 2017 when she sold her interest to consolidate her teams under Total Tax, Inc.Regardless of where she has been, her influence has created the highest levels of client satisfaction.

Her years of working in the tax industry have taught her the importance of building lasting relationships with clients based on best-in-class customer service. Tamar leads Total Tax, Inc by example and expects that each client is treated like family.

Interests: In her free time, Tamar enjoys supporting her beloved Oregon Ducks, attending her kids’ activities, and rafting the wild and scenic Rogue River in southern Oregon.

Paul Jameson, EA

Founder of Total Tax Return and Contracting Senior Tax Accountant

Paul received his BA from The University of California at Berkeley and spent nearly ten years as a consultant and tax professional before founding Total Tax Return in 1991. He is an Enrolled Agent and has over 30 years of tax accounting and consulting experience in the areas of individual and business tax, and representing clients facing audits and collections before the IRS.

Paul is currently semi-retired and primarily performing project work for Total Tax, Inc on a contract basis, but his extensive knowledge and experience continue to be a valuable resource for our staff and clients.


The other half of Paul’s time is spent challenging his climbing skills at many of the west’s natural rock climbing attractions and backpacking the mountains and coasts of the Northwest and California with his wife.

Steve Fuqua, EA

Senior Case Manager

Steve is a leader on our Tax Resolution Services Team and is based in our Houston, Texas office. He has a B.S. in Business from the University of Texas, is an IRS Enrolled Agent and has more than a decade of experience in accounting and tax. Steve has represented thousands of clients with IRS tax problems so he is quick to identify the issues facing our clients and anticipate the IRS’s next move.

Interests: Steve spends most of his personal time with his family. He also enjoys running when the normally hot Houston weather will allow and swimming the rest of the time.

Mark Walstrom, EA

Senior Case Manager

Mark has a degree from the University of South Carolina, holds his Enrolled Agent license, and brings more than two decades of experience helping distressed taxpayers resolve IRS and state tax problems. He has seen it all and is quick to identify the most expedient path to protecting his clients and put the required actions in place to resolve the issues for good. Mark is a great fit for Total Tax because he “tells it like it is” and focuses on real solutions for his clients. He is a top performer and has expanded his expertise on an already senior-level staff.

Like all Total Tax Case Managers, Mark can focus on state and IRS collections exclusively because he is supported by a full staff of Tax Accountants, Bookkeepers, and professional administrative staff that specialize in other key tasks required to efficiently resolve back tax issues. The benefits include confidentiality, convenience, and the confidence that each key step of the case has been handled by an expert.

Interests: Outside of work, Mark enjoys time with his family and friends.

Angela Case, EA

Senior Tax Accountant

Angie came to Total Tax, Inc in 2011 with a background in tax preparation.  She is an Enrolled Agent and an expert in back tax returns.

As a Senior Tax Accountant, Angie works closely with clients and regularly receives kudos for her ability to keep it simple. Returning clients will often request her at tax time to keep them out of trouble and out of the IRS cross-hairs.

Interests: Outside of work, Angie likes working on home improvement projects with her husband, traveling, and spending time with her kids.

Tim A. Bales, MBA

General Manager

Tim brings 20 years of management and consulting experience to Total Tax, Inc from the tax and insurance industries. He holds a BS in Economics and a MA in Business and Marketing from Washington State University, certifications from Eastern Washington University and formal certificates in management disciplines including LEAN and 5S.

Tim’s contributions to Total Tax include process, systems and procedure innovations that drive information security, efficient sequence of workflow and impressive accuracy. Tim works with our IT resources to implement process and systems solutions that eliminate errors, minimize waste, and maximize customer value. Tim is a firm believer in the principles of continuous improvement and is driven to find ways to further the client experience.


Tim enjoys fly-fishing the many area rivers, supporting the Washington State Cougars and Seattle Seahawks and getting out on the area lakes with his family for summer activities.

Nick Fiacco

Senior Tax Consultant

Nick’s role as a Senior Tax Consultant is to work with individuals who are needing information about resolving a tax issue. Nick takes distressed taxpayers through the process required to identify what caused their tax issue, the steps to protect them and resolve the underlying issues. Total Tax, Inc’s approach gives him the tools to identify what needs to be done and explain the process. Nick is a warrior – an Italian American born and raised in New York and an ex-United States Marine. His clients know they have found someone who will fight for them. He is a man of straight answers and realistic expectations, but also known for his compassionate ear. He has managed teams in the corporate world for years and is driven for only the best outcomes.

Nick and his wife have 3 children and enjoy outdoor activities and the occasional trip to Disneyland or weekend getaways to Montana.

Mike Bohn

Senior Tax Consultant

Mike has spent most of his career in the financial services industry consulting individuals and business owners regarding investments, taxes, and retirement solutions. He has a strong finance acumen and is quick to identify a path that will get troubled taxpayers and business owners on the best path to resolving expensive and disruptive tax issues.

His role as a Senior Tax Consultant put’s him at the forefront of our process. Mike steps his clients through an assessment that uncovers the issues causing unwanted attention from federal and or state taxing authorities. The outcome provides answers to what can be done to resolve the issues and what the client can expect for an outcome.

Mike consults his clients with tax compliance and tax balance issues that it is important to act quickly to avoid disruptive IRS collections. Total Tax avoids the approach other tax relief companies use that involves an investigation period of days or weeks before the client gets a representative assigned that can act on their behalf. Instead, Mike can literally have a licensed representative reaching out to the IRS for one of his clients within 24 hours to put protections in place that prevent or remove aggressive IRS collection tactics.

Mike is serious about taking care of his clients, but he is also the office practical joker. Mike breaks the mold for those who claim tax professionals don’t have a sense of humor.

Jennifer Hart

Client Services - Staff Accountant

Jen is a QuickBooks expert and has years of experience working with small and large businesses streamlining their accounting processes and correcting flaws in their financial record keeping and reporting.

Her position is vital for demonstrating the financial position of our business clients when negotiating with the federal and state taxing authorities. A key part of reaching a negotiated tax outcome is having a clear and supportable financial picture that will withstand any IRS challenge. Jen’s experience gives her peers confidence that they are armed with the information needed to win. Jen also works with our business clients on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis to assist with keeping their payroll and monthly financials timely and accurate. It doesn’t take long for business owners to realize the benefits of having quick and consistent access to up-to-date and accurate financial information about their business.

An equally important benefit is the time savings that they can now employ on other priorities. Our clients often comment that Jen is a trusted and valued member of their team and her ability to connect with all levels of staff in their organization in a credible and personable manner results in a trusting and valued relationship.

Interests: Outside of work, Jen is a busy mom – she enjoys family outings including camping, rafting, sports games, and attending various activities her husband and kids are involved in.

Lorraine Johnson

Client Services Lead

Lorraine brings more than 20 years of financial services customer service experience from the banking and tax industries. Her team supports the licensed tax professionals and serves as a resource for our clients regarding questions and guidance as the administrative portion of their case progresses.

Lorraine’s background includes work in audit, loans and financial analysis. Her unique combination of technical and service expertise is a critical attribute in driving processes, systems and talent that support the highest levels of client engagement and satisfaction. This focus is one reason why Total Tax, Inc consistently maintains a reputation for service and responsiveness that stands out among tax relief companies.

In her free time, Lorraine is quite the accomplished Do-It-Yourselfer having completed numerous home improvement projects. She enjoys spending time with her son and attending his sporting events as well as occasional dinners out, game nights and happy hour with friends.

Bethany Kinney

Tax Case Coordinator

Bethany came to Total Tax, Inc after more than a decade with the California Franchise Tax Board as a senior member of their collections department. The knowledge she has from working for the “other team” is invaluable and has allowed her to anticipate probable actions by not only the state of California, but other taxing authorities given the similarity in practices.

Our approach at Total Tax, Inc is to always stay a step ahead of the IRS and having representatives like Bethany who have unique experience and perspectives is one way we continue to be successful for our clients.

Bethany and her husband have a son and enjoy time with family.

Denise Bryant

Tax Case Coordinator

Denise’s role as a Case Coordinator combines technical, project management and customer service skills. She keeps an eye on all tasks required to keep the case moving forward and acts as the client’s main point of contact.

Denise’s background and education combine for that ideal mix. She has worked as the central contact for day-to-day operations of a resort, taught accounting at the college level and even has professional experience that involved providing counseling services. So, for Denise, determining the logical next step for one of her cases, staying organized and responding to her clients in a compassionate manner is what her professional life has prepared her for.

Denise enjoys camping and time with her children and grandchildren.

Karen Whaley

Administrative Coordinator

Karen has been working in the financial services industry for most of her professional career. She has been a loan officer and spent many years in banking as a bank manager. She understands the importance of attentive customer service and maintaining organized, efficient, and accurate operations. Her prior management experience helps her quickly assess priorities and identify staff and customers that need assistance.

On her own time Karen is all about her family. She enjoys spending time with her husband, kids, and grandkids. She is also an accomplished interior decorator and cook.

Alicia Bassett

Administrative Coordinator

Alicia is a member of the Administrative Support Team, or “Glue” as we often refer to them. Alicia and her team make sure our clients hear a friendly voice when they call, get directed to the person they need to speak to, get their paperwork processed efficiently and hold together the processes, procedures and tasks that support the larger team. Alicia brings years of customer service experience and administrative management skills to her position with Total Tax.

Alicia spends her personal time focused on her family. She enjoys cooking and time with her husband and kids.


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