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What happens in the consultation?

The purpose of the consultation is to identify the cause of your tax problem and discuss the options for reaching a solution with the IRS.

  1. We will ask you what is currently happening and what the IRS is doing to collect from you.
  2. We will gather some information from you that will help us determine what caused your tax problem and what your options are in resolving the situation.
  3. We will explain your options.
  4. If your situation is something you can resolve yourself, we will explain what you need to do.
  5. If your situation requires professional assistance, we will explain what you can expect if you hire us and provide you with a quote for our services.

You will speak with a licensed tax professional, not a sales person.

Will I need all of my tax information in front of me when I call?

No. If you have a copy of any notices you have received from the IRS it can be helpful, but not required.

Do you charge for the consultation?

No, the consultation is free.

How long does the consultation take?

It varies, but generally you should plan on having about 15 minutes available.

Do I have to decide during the consultation?

No, and there is no obligation. At the conclusion of the consultation, the Tax Consultant will e-mail you the information discussed and all of the information you will need to get started. You can review it on your own time and make your decision.


I’ve called other places and they want my credit card number and a big payment before they will review my case. Is that how you guys work?

No. The initial consultation and review of your case is always free.

Our fee is based on the number and scope of services required to resolve your specific tax problem.  We will disclose the services and corresponding fee as part of the consultation.  Should additional requirements emerge in the course of the case such as the IRS requiring additional tax years to be filed, additional fees may apply.  However, the original fee limits these occurrences by covering a wide range of services common to the course of most cases.

I don’t have a lot of money. How do you make your services affordable?

We understand that most people experiencing IRS issues are already under financial duress, so we tailor payment plans that take those matters into consideration. We never require full payment in advance.


There are a lot of Tax Relief companies to choose from. Why should I choose you?

Over our nearly 30 years in the tax business we have learned the importance of maintaining the highest levels of client service and results.  For people facing an IRS tax issue, that means setting appropriate expectations, meeting those expectations and maintaining regular and timely communication.  Your case will be assigned to a Case Team that will be with you from beginning to end and will be your go to point of contact.

Doing what we say we are going to do is the best way we know to build and maintain trust with our clients.

Are the members of your executive management team licensed tax professionals?

Yes. Tamar Johnson, CPA, owns Total Tax, Inc.  She only employs CPA’s and Enrolled Agents (EA’s) as Case Managers and Tax Accountants.

Will the person handling my case be a licensed tax professional?

Yes, all cases are assigned to a Case Manager. We only employ CPAs and Enrolled Agents (EA’s) to manage your case.


Is the call confidential?

Yes, we have a strict privacy policy.

Do you ask for my Social Security Number or credit card info in the consultation?



Do you guarantee results?

Yes, we backup our services with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and a Service Guarantee.

The primary purpose of the consultation is make sure we can help you resolve your IRS tax problem.  We will only take your case if we are confident we can reach a resolution.

We can’t guarantee that you will qualify for a specific program through the IRS, but we do guarantee that the scope of services we have proposed will achieve compliance and stop specific IRS collection actions against you.