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Our team of experienced and knowledgeable tax experts is available to provide you with solutions to your tax problems.

When facing overwhelming tax problems, you need an experienced and dedicated team by your side.

Founded in 1991 by Enrolled Agent, Paul Jameson, Total Tax, Inc has demonstrated an established history of resolving the most intimidating tax problems. Paul began his career in tax in 1985 and quickly developed a loyal clientele. Many of Paul’s clients came to him with the tax issues often experienced by small business owners such as payroll tax delinquencies, unfiled tax returns and the IRS collection issues that always accompany them. His drive to always have the answer and be a comforting resource for his clients pushed him to continually build on his knowledge and become an expert in the specialized area of tax relief.

Paul was equally effective as a mentor and shared his knowledge with his staff. Tamar Johnson, CPA came to work for Paul with an already impressive resume having worked for tax firms in Eugene and Bend Oregon. Tamar purchased Total Tax, Inc from Paul in 2009 and currently leads the Total Tax, Inc team with Paul serving as a contracting consultant.

Tamar also co-founded one of the top tax relief firms in the industry in 2011, selling her interest in 2017 to bring her team exclusively under the Total Tax, Inc name.

With more than 50 years of experience between Tamar and Paul alone, it’s clear Total Tax, Inc possesses the IRS tax code and procedures expertise you would expect from a firm that has been in the tax business for more than 26 years.

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We want you to feel confident and comfortable while we resolve your tax problems. 

Yet we’ve learned that success is more than just the expertise to resolve complex tax problems, it takes industry-leading service.

What does that kind of service look like by a tax relief company? It means setting appropriate expectations from the beginning, meeting or beating those expectations, clear and frequent communication, and having a compassionate ear in a very stressful situation. It means having the same team of professionals with you from start to finish and confidence and trust that makes the hard work of resolving a tax problem manageable.

It all comes down to great results and great service, we expect it and we believe our clients have the right to expect it too.


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